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In computer networking, localhost means this computer. It is a hostname that the computer's software and users may employ to access the computer's own network services via its loopback network interface. Using the loopback interface bypasses local network interface hardware.

The local loopback mechanism is useful for testing software during development independent of any networking configurations. If a computer has been configured to provide a website, directing its web browser to https://localhost may display its home page.

The name is also a reserved top-level domain name (cf. .localhost), set aside to avoid confusion with the narrower definition as a hostname. The IETF standards restrict domain name registrars to assign the name in their normal registration procedures, such as for second-level domains, e.g., localhost.com.

On most computer systems, localhost resolves to the address, which is the most-commonly used IPv4 loopback address, and to the IPv6 loopback address ::1.

In Website Development, A LOCAL HOST is a Computer that houses a website files and resources that serves the request of a client computer. A Website LocalHost comes in the form of AMP (Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python). At Kivos Web Academy, you will be taught all the common types of AMPs.

This is a list of some common type of AMP (Apache, MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python) solution stacks for all computer platforms; these software bundles are used to run dynamic Web sites or servers. There are LAMPs (for Linux); WAMPs (for Windows); MAMPs (for Macintosh); SAMPs (for Solaris); and FAMPs (for FreeBSD).


DETAILS: Kivos Web Design Academy offers classes on LOCAL HOSTING as a beginner class. We offer this course at a price of N5,000 and the lecture duration is 2 Weeks. We do provide lecture materials and videos tutorial in VCDs.

ENTRY QUALIFICATION: Interested and Prospective Students must have
(1.) At least 3 or 6 months Basic Computer Appreciation Certificate
(2.) Have a WEAC/NECO/GCE Result
(3.) A Computer (Laptop/Desktop) not mandatory

REGISTRATION: Registration is currently on. Interested prospective students will pick up the Registration Form at any of our offices at a fixed cost of N2,000 (Non-refundable).

LECTURE TIME AND SCHEDULE: Kivos Web Design Academy operates a highly flexible and highly negotiable time scheme for our students. We are very accommodative in respect to our class schedule.

EXAMINATION: A Terminal Course Examination will be conducted for students on the completion of their course lectures. This exam will include:
(1.) Objective and Theory sections
(2.) Oral section
(3.) Practical section (CBE Computer Based Examination) .

CERTIFICATION: Diploma Certificates in LOCAL HOSTING will be awarded to the student on successful completion of the course. This certificate is recognized National Wide by both Private and Public firms in the Country. For International Certifications, the student will be enrolled (at an additional cost) with W3Schools USA for the annual DOMAIN NAME REGISTRATION CBE (Computer Based Examination) to be written online via the internet at a scheduled date by w3schools.

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