The entire web is moving to Mobile.
The sooner you adapt your business to the mobile commerce (m- Commerce) reality, the more you gain and the bigger your advantage over your competitors.
Consider the fact every one of your customers has a mobile phone and already over 60% of all Nigeria mobile users have a Smartphone (i.e., mobile phones that can browse the Internet). It is expected that by end of 2013, Smartphones will be used by most all mobile users.
Having a mobile website in combination with mobile apps (iPhone, iPad & Android apps) offers you the most powerful and cost-effective advertising tool, enabling you to INSTANTLY Reach and Connect with your customers via text notifications, announcements, reminders, offers and deals. It also keeps them updated about your products and services and helps your business go viral.
Whether you have a 'big' website, a business or a following – make sure your users can engage with your brand anytime, anywhere.


Nigeria mobile website

How a Mobile App Can Grow Your Business

(1.) Mobile Apps are the most affordable and effective communication tool.

(2.) Send Unlimited Text Notifications to your customers for FREE.

(3.) Reach them INSTANTLY – Best delivery rate, 100% open/read rate. And what's more, 96% of text messages are read within 15 minutes!

(4.) High Response Rate.

(5.) Cost Effective With A High Return On Investment (ROI) – text them for virtually zero cost to get them back in the door at any time you want.

(6.) People love special deals and are impulse buyers, especially on Mobile.

(7.) The cutting-edge mobile apps we build you contain all necessary features to Quickly Increase Your Revenue.

(8.) Mobile Coupons – enjoy a x20 higher redemption rate (Compared with print coupons), as their mobile phone is always with them.

(9.) Time sensitive and special sales – send your app users a text to get them back in the door. We provide you with good ideas and tips.

(10.) Increases Loyalty. Our mobile apps encourage repeat visits to your location via our built-in Mobile Loyalty program, that tracks their visits.

What Is a Mobile Website?

Mobile websites are special technology websites that are made to perfectly display on the tiny screens of cell phones and mobile devices.

Your Mobile App Helps You Building Your Brand:

Social Sharing – our apps make it easy for your customers to tell
all their friends about your business and products.
Collect customer testimonials
Social proof – with the built-in FanWall.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile shopping stats and trends forecastMobile marketing is the most powerful form of advertising ever, simply because it enables businesses like yours to reach people on-demand, right into their phones. Their phones are with them 24/7, and they search for information even while in the loo.

So, step one in leveraging the mobile marketing opportunities you are currently missing out on, is to have a special mobile optimized website.

A Mobile Website Helps Your Business Grow on the Mobile Web

Here's what having a mobile-optimized web site can do for your business:
More FREE Traffic -
Get better exposure with Google and higher rankings in search results
Lower Cost for Paid Lead Acquisition -
Mobile advertising opportunities and marketing channels

The 2 Main Benefits to Having a Mobile Website

More traffic to your business – from mobile search.
Better conversions and higher ROI – from your mobile visitors.

Can Help You Get More Business.

Put your business directly into your customers' phones – instantly!

The best mobile marketing strategy for most local and small businesses is to
have both a mobile website and mobile apps.

Mobile Website

Here's How a Mobile Website Benefits You:

Gain more leads and customers from mobile search traffic.
(Google now has a special Smartphone Bot indexing mobile pages.)
In 2013 more people will use their mobile phone than PCs to go online.
Over 50% of mobile searches lead to purchase.
Makes contacting you as simple as tapping a button.
52% of local mobile searchers call a business or service.
59% visit the location after searching via their phone.
A Mobile Web Store makes it easy to buy from you.
Perfect display and site navigation, fast load-time
Positive User Experience makes them more likely to buy

The paradigm shifts: responsive mobile websites

Responsive web design lets web developers create a site flexible enough to accommodate lots of different screen sizes, including desktop screens, without having to define a specific height and width.

A responsive website intelligently detects information about a device and serves up a version of the website that will suit that device best. The same website code will present the website accurately on any variety of displays — desktops, phones, tablets and anything in between. iPhone, Android, iPad, Nook, new device that hasn't been invented yet? This approach is most future-friendly approach for mobile websites at this time.

Kivos Webmasters & ICT Solutions

Kivos Webmasters started in 2005 as 360solutionkolony and since then grown into a mega gaint in the website design and development industry in Nigeria.
Now as Kivos Webmasters, the company aims at getting over 120 businesses and individuals online every year for the lowest price ever not compromising quality and professionalism. Come to us today, you can be one of them !


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Go Mobile?

Mobile is the fastest growing business marketing channel in history and is proven to be the best dollar spent on advertising over all other advertising mediums.
In Nigeria there are 110,000,000 Smartphone users – and rising.
The internet is rapidly turning into mobile net; In 2013 more people will use mobile phones than PCs to go online to search and buy.
  1. 96% have searched for a product or service.
  2. 94% search for LOCAL information.
  3. 90% of these people ACT within 24 hours.
  4. Smartphone shoppers are frequent buyers.
  5. 67% are more likely to buy a product or service from you

We Make Your Mobile Marketing Easy and Simple:

1. A mobile website for more traffic and better visitor conversions.
2. Mobile apps put your business inside your customers' phone.
3. Remind them you exist using our FREE Text Messaging tool.
4. Deliver special offers, mobile coupons and loyalty coupons…
5. And you get them back in the door, to buy more from you!

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