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KIVOS WEBMASTERS Analytics Consultancy

Grab every opportunity to improve your online presence.

Our analytics consultancy service is popular with website and business owners around the country. If you're getting lots of traffic but you're not getting the sales to go with it, there are definitely opportunities to be explored. We'll crunch the numbers and analyse your analytics - from our evaluation we'll look at ways your website can be improved going forward to ensure that as many visitors as possible are turned into paying customers.

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Our analytics consultancy service only works if you have data for us to work from - therefore it's essential to have some form of tracking application installed on your website. The most common tracking application is Google Analytics, which is free for webmasters to use.

Why are analytics so important?

Analytics tell you lots of interesting information about the people that browse your website. Some of the things that you can learn from the analytics on your website include:
Which country your visitors are from.
What devices they use to access your website.
Where your traffic comes from.
How long they stay on your website.
Which pages they view.
and much more!
Collecting and analysing this data allows business owners to change their website from a rusty operation into a well oiled sales machine. Many different variables dictate how visitors behave on your website. Things like the colour scheme on your website of the placement of your navigation bar could be costing you sales by the bucket load - can you really afford to be losing sales? If the answer is "no", it's definitely time to get in touch with us about our analytics consultancy.

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Now as Kivos Webmasters, the company aims at getting over 120 businesses and individuals online every year for the lowest price ever not compromising quality and professionalism. Come to us today, you can be one of them !


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