school websiteThe World Wide Web is one of the most effective communication technologies today. Developing an effective school website takes time and resources but if done right, the benefits to the school community are enormous.

  • A school website can expand opportunities for parents to communicate with the school and become more informed about their child's education.
  • Teachers can use the website to share ideas with other teachers.
  • Websites can greatly eliminate barriers in involving parents in school and can help keep parents informed about upcoming exams, activities, and other tips to help their children.
  • Parents can provide feedback to teachers and to the school.
  • As well as using the website for educational means it could also include information on the community and build links between businesses, families, and school. For example, a school website can become a great resource for families who are relocating.

  • School Information - history, philosophy & staff.
  • Contact Information - phone, email & contact form.
  • School Updates - intra and inter-school events, announcements of upcoming parent-teacher conferences, and holidays.
  • Educational Resources - electronic books, teaching aids, journals and links to other useful websites, teaching materials & lesson plans.
  • Interaction Opportunities - electronic discussion forums & blogs.
  • Family-School Connections - classroom webpages, information about homework and suggestions on how parents can help at home. Photographs & diaries from school trips (with parents permission).
  • Student registration and online student portals to display students data
  • A school website should not be perceived as replacement for face-to-face interactions instead it should be viewed as an additional resource.


    1. Increasing numbers of parents have internet access
    2. It can provide information about your school for existing pupils and parents as well as potential ones
    3. How often do children lose letters? If they are published on the website they can be accessed at any time
    4. You can solve the publication of information under the Freedom of Information Act in once place  on the web
    5. Documents on a website provide easy access for governors without them having mountains of papersschool website for nigerians
    6. It can provide a channel of communication to and from the school, particularly for parents
    7. All dates for the term are available and can be easily updated
    8. A feedback page enables parents to contact you without having to telephone and find you are not in! Ideal for non-urgent business
    9. It can be a showcase for pupils work .Children's work can have a national and international audience
    10. It shows that your school is up-to-date in its thinking



    schoolAll information to be displayed on your website will be submitted to us by you or KIVOS WEBMASTERS will negotiate a price for you, if we are to supply the relevant information for your website. Objects like images, graphs, charts, and other materials may be submitted in picture format from a digital camera or printed photo.
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