Nigeria Webhosting OnlineKIVOS WEBMASTERS cPanel Hosting is a cost effective hosting solution for users to host multiple websites under one account. All cPanel Hosting plans include Softaculous, PHP, MySQL, Perl, PHPMyAdmin, Servlet/JSP Tomcat, Ruby on Rails, Site Builder, Unlimited Addon/Subdomains/Parked domains and Shared SSL. Softaculous is an amazing part of the cPanel control panel. It integrates with cPanel and gives users the ability to automatically install a variety of open source scripts, including fully functional web stores, quickly and simply.


KIVOS WEBMASTERS All-Inclusive cPanel Hosting Plans

offer a value packed and popular hosting solution with great features, fast and secure servers, multiple free tools and high quality 24/7 customer service. These plans are ideally suited for people or companies who have relatively small websites and are designed to offer an introductory and easy to control on-line presence. Daily Backups with 7 Days Retention Period - We have partnered with R1Soft to bring you Continuous Data Protection (CDP) for your web space, providing you with full data protection in the event of data loss. One of the best advantages associated with this R1Soft backup system is that you can restore files via your cPanel control panel. Now you can restore your lost data yourself within minutes instead of having to raise a support ticket and thereby save your precious time.

Fully Managed Linux VPS Hosting with cPanel/WHM in the UK backed by 24/7 customer support.

Nigeria Linux WebhostingKIVOS WEBMASTERS virtual server hosting empowers you with superior performance and control, at a fraction of the cost of conventional dedicated hosting. vLite comes loaded with the power of eNlight Cloud Hypervisor, to optimise the software installed on your vLite Server. vLite Hosting lets you host unlimited domains, install custom applications and software, with the independence & convenience of a dedicated server. Since vLite is a Hardware Virtualisation platform, the supporting processors will be better tuned for efficiently managing your Virtual Server Environment.

Some companies or individuals need to know certain processes are in place to ensure that their website or application will remain online during events which would take a standard server hosting environment offline. These things are numerous in nature but include disk drive failure, individual server component failure or switch failure. Any of these incidents could take a traditional hosting product offline. Our VMware Cloud Server Hosting plans consist of clusters of VMware Cloud servers connected to a remote storage device with data striped down multiple devices, redundant switches and uplinks, along with enough capacity to handle losing 40% of the hardware nodes. Using our simple cost calculator, you can quickly build and order a VMware Cloud Hosting plan to suit your individual requirements.



KIVOS WEBMASTERS cPanel Hosting at the moment is dedicated to only our clients who own a website with us. Our hosting package goes along with our website design and development packages. However on special demands, KIVOS WEBMASTERS can specifically host for commercial purposes to non-website-design-client.

Kivos Webmasters & ICT Solutions

Kivos Webmasters started in 2005 as 360solutionkolony and since then grown into a mega gaint in the website design and development industry in Nigeria.
Now as Kivos Webmasters, the company aims at getting over 120 businesses and individuals online every year for the lowest price ever not compromising quality and professionalism. Come to us today, you can be one of them !


Projector For Hire and Rental in Benin City, Edo State

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